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Can we make a SVG clickable?

Many people doubt whether we can make an image clickable or not. So the answer is yes. And that too in a very easy way. Please check the codes below carefully.

First of all, write the markup given below.

<object data="/images/yourlogo.svg" type="image/svg+xml" width="100" height="70" class="mylogo" ></object>

Now you need to write this CSS code and done.

   content: ""; 
   position: absolute; 
   top: 0; 
   right: 0; 
   bottom: 0; 
   left: 0;


This is a very easy way to add hyperlink link on a SVG. I hope you liked this method. 🙂

Tap to WhatsApp feature on website

Hey Friends,
If you want to add WhatsApp feature on your website where people click it, it opens a WhatsApp conversation with you then use the below code to make it happen.

<a href=" there!"a></a>

How to create “Tap to Sms” link

<!-- Sms scheme format -->
<a href="sms:+1-123-456-7890">Text Us!</a>

<!-- You can add Sms content as mentioned -->
<a href="sms:+1-123-456-7890?body=Request%20for%20a%20quote">Text Us!</a>
<!-- %20 is used for the space -->

How to write a superscript Registered ® in product name and page titles in CMS

Peoples are complaining that the products names or page titles which are registered trademarks. They are not shown superscript as the customer wishes them to be. They aren’t able to add <sup> tags in the titles.

You can simply add the following JavaScript snippet that replaces all occurrences of ® with ®.

<script type="text/javascript">
$('body :not(script)').contents().filter(function() {
   return this.nodeType === 3;
}).replaceWith(function() {
   return this.nodeValue.replace(/[®]/g, '<sup>$&</sup>');